Jeffree Star Cosmetics -Skin Frost

Welcome back,

I’ve been wanting to do a black Friday/cyber Monday haul for you BUT I didn’t because I ordered almost all of the things I got and everything came different days/times so I never got the chance.

But I am here today to share something that I purchased, if I’m correct, on cyber Monday (but it wasn’t on any deals).

It’s the Jeffree Star Cosmetics SKIN FROST in PRINCESS CUT and REGINA GEORGE!!!!

These highlighters are everything… take a look



The size of the pan is insane

The only thing that concerns me is when I go to swatch the product, it almost feels fake. Like its not powdery or anything… when I touch the product and it gets on my finger tip and thats it, theres no like chalkiness to it or no any fall out. Its is oddly weird and hard to explain….but I mean it is a beautiful product!

Like when I swirl my finger in the pan, there is not even fall out in the pan.  ya feel me?

Anyways, I just wanted to share this with you all because its so nice!!

Until next time,

XOXO Jaimee.



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